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Sacramento May 27, 1903

The Board of Officers met at the synagogue
at 8 P.M. Mr. Albert Elkus President in the chair.
At the roll call, all persons except Mr. A. Bonheim
and M.S. Wahrhaftig.

Meeting [minutes] approved and read with the correction
the name of Mr. Heilbron in place of E. Steinman
of having made the motion. Also about the
sale of the property, the value $8500.00.

The President reported that Mr. Wright of
Wright & Kimbrough made an offer of $8500.00
and had deposited a check for $1000.00 and the balance
$7500.00 to be paid when they get possession of
the property.

On motion is was ordered that the actions of
the President be approved.

The President handed the check to the
Treasurer. It was moved and duly seconded that
the Treasurer deposit the $1000.00 in the name
of the Congregation B'nai Israel building
fund and the balance of the $8500.00 be
likewise deposited in that name.

On motion the building committee was
authorized to confer with some reliable
real estate agent in regards to procuring a
suitable lot for a temple. Also to see
that everything belonging ot the building
be properly stored.

Moved and duly seconded that the President shall
call a meeting as soon as the committee
has a lot in view, the motion prevailed.
The building committee was authorized to
engage a suitable place to hold services.

The name of Mr. Bernard as a contributing
member was added to the roll.
Mr. Emil Steinman handed the abstract
made which was handed to the Secretary with
the instructions that same be handed on
to Wright and Kimbrough.

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