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Mr. Wahrhaftig stated that he had search
the records at the Secretary of State, also of
County Clerk's office and could not find anything
to show that the Congregation had been
incorporated. And suggested if 2 or 3 or more
persons could be found that were members of
the Congregation at the time the Congregation
was organized, to make affidavits to this
effect and no doubt the congregation could
be incorporated without any trouble, that all that
was necessary to present these affidavits before
a Judge who could order the same to be
recorded as a corporation. The matter was
left with Mr. Wahrhaftig to procure
such affidavit.

The following salaries for the month
were ordered paid and warrants drawn on
the treasurer for the amounts
Rabbi B.M. Kaplan $150.00
same for marriage fees 30.00
A. Nathan, Collector 40.00
Mr. Mohns, Cemetery 15.00
Mrs. R.H. Hanley, organist 15.00
Mrs. M. Ross, singing 10.00
Mr. Rosina Rosen 10.00
Lad. Auxiliary, cleaning 8.00
Secretary salary 7.50 post cards .50 8.00
Total 286.00

The following bills were read and
ordered paid and warrants drawn on the
Treasurer for the amount
A Mannoni repairing roof 8.00
E. Rude, removing garbage .50
Sac. El. Gas, RR for gas .70
Total 9.20

The Secretary reported that he had
collected $50.00 marriage fees and paid the
amount to the Treasurer.

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