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Regular Meeting

Sacramento, August 5, 1903

The board of officers met in the synagogue at 8 P.M.
Mr. Albert Elkus, president, presiding.

Roll call and the following were noted absent.
Mr. B. Wilson, vice president, Mr. H. Weinstock, trustee.

The minutes of last meeting were read and approved.
The chair stated that he issued a call for a
special meeting of the congregation for Tuesday
evening the 18th inst. for the purpose of satisfying
the sale of the synagogue. The question arose
if contributing members should be notified
of said meeting as well as full members.
On motion it was orderd that notices be sent only
to regular members.

The president stated that he had given
permission to the rabbi to marry a stranger
and has given the permit on the recommendation
of Mr. Louis Elkus on payment of the regular
fee $25.00.

Mr. L. Heilbron reported that he sold the plot
that was made vacant by the removing of the remains
of Mr. Kozminsky to Theo Jacobs, a member of this
congregation for the purpose of placing the
remains of his father who was buried in
Woodland, for the sum of $75.00. The actions
of the president & Mr. Heilbron were approved.

The name of Mr. Geo. Levy was proposed to become
a member of this congregation by paying the regular
amount of monthly dues, namely $2.50. On motion
it was ordered that the applicant be elected.
The application was presented through the Rabbi,
who gave also the following names.

M. Franklin desires to contribute a $1.00 a month
toward the school from August 1st. There being
no objection, the secretary was instructed to
make out a bill monthly for this purpose.

Mr. J. Freidman, single man, was proposed for
membership, commencing Sept. 1, 1903.

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