Status: Complete

L. Morgan, married man, contributing member
at 1.00 per month.

L.H. [?Fernburgh], married, contributing member
at 1.50 per month.

Ed Marks, married, contributing member at 1.50
and S. Poska, married, contributing member at
1.50 per.

On motion it was ordered that the above named be
added to the roll of contributing members from
Sept. 1/03.

The following monthly salaries were ordered paid
Rabbi B.M. Kaplan 150.00
Aaron Nathan, collector 40.00
Mr. Mohns for cemetery 15.00
Ladies Aux Society, cleaning 8.00
Leon Salomon, secretary 7.50
Total $220.50

The following bills were read and ordered paid
M.S. Wahrhaftig, clerk for an application
for lien to sell synagogue 6.00
Drawing cemetery deed Rosenfeld 2.50
" " " Jacob 2.50
Searching of record of incorporation of
Benevolent Society and certified copy 5.50
Fares & Exp. San Fran for 2 days & one night 8.50
Notary fees for affidavits of Elkus, Zekind
and Bremer and by remitting 2.10
Clerks fees in filing petition 6.00
Certified copy .50
Fee in matter of said petition $53.60 20.00
Advertising Sacramento Union 20.30
Sacramento Electric, Gas & RR Co for incandescent lights 4.60
" " " " " for gas .60

On motion it was ordered that after adjourning
the Board meet again after the special meeting
of the Congregation 18th inst.

No further business appearing, the meeting

Leon Salomon

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