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Sacramento, August 18th, 1903

The board met at 9:15 P.M. in the synagogue.
Mr. Albert Elkus presiding.
Roll call, the following were noted absent.
Vice president, B. Wilson, Treasurer, E. Steinman,
Trustees A. Bonheim & Mr. S. Lavenson
The reading of the minutes of last meeting was
dispensed with.

The question about the rate of seats was
brought before the meeting.
On motion it was ordered that the price for seats
for members and nonmembers be the same
as last year and that contributing members
to pay for their seats the same as full

The chart to be left at Mr. E. Steinman's.

The following bills were read:
H. S. Crocker & Co 100 note circulars 1.75
250 envelopes .50
Union of American Hebrew Congregations 15.00
James McClatchy & Co advertising 9.90
Secretary for stamps 2.00

No further business appearing,
the meeting adjourned.

Leon Salomon

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