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Sacramento, November [?] 4th, 1903

The board of officers met in the synagogue at
P.M. Mr. Albert Elkus presiding.
Roll call, Mr. A. Bonheim, trustee absent.
Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
The resignation of [?Master] Aaron Isaac was read and

Mr. [?Heronson] and Morris I. Levy applied for membership
the former at 2.50 and the latter at 1.00 per month
were ordered to be admitted as such.

Bill from Mr. R. Platnauer [Note], notary fees for taking
14 acknowledgments to deed of synagogue for $8.00
was read and ordered paid.

Bill of Mr. M.S. Wahrhaftig for attorney fees $35.00
and expense for application for leave to sell
the synagogue and the friendly [?seat] etc. 14.25.
Total 49.25 was read and on motion ordered paid.
And warrant drawn on the treasurer for the amount.
Bill for gas 80¢ was ordered paid.

The regular salaries for the month of October
were ordered paid, also the bill of Mr. Bearsley
for $25.00 as extra choir for the holidays was
ordered paid.

Mr. L. Heilbron reported that he had collected
the 50.00 from [?] Morris Rosenfeld, the balance due
for the plat. And paid the same to
the treasurer.

Mr. M.S. Wahrhaftig stated that he will pay the
$20.00 for the remaining (it should be $25.00)
as agreed upon at the meeting held May 7, 1903.
The president stated that Mr. Chas. P. Nathan
would donate the chandelier now in the synagogue
when he will possession of the property also the
fancy panes of glass.

The treasurer reported that he had deposited
in the Bank California State Bank $8500.00
proceeds of the sale of the synagogue in
the names of Albert Elkus, A. Bonheim
and Emil Steinman.

[Note: Ralph Platnauer, attorney]

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