Political Elections--Election of 1860



Held on November 6, 1860, the Election of 1860 featured candidates Abraham Lincoln (Republican), John C. Breckinridge (Southern Democrat), John Bell (Constitutional Union), and Stephen A. Douglas (Democrat) for U.S. President. While Lincoln garnered less than 40% of the popular vote, he received enough Electoral College support to win the presidency. As a Republican and anti-slavery advocate, Lincoln did not even feature on many southern ballots. Southern politicians perceived Lincoln's election as a threat to the institution of slavery and as evidence that their interests were not represented by the federal government. The Election of 1860 thereby catalyzed the southern secession movement (Library of Congress; Wikipedia).

See also: https://guides.loc.gov/presidential-election-1860#:~:text=Abraham%20Lincoln%20(Republican)%20won%20the,John%20Bell%20(Constitutional%20Union).

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