Petition from Citizens of Colfax (now Clay) County, Mississippi to Mississippi Governor Adelbert Ames; December 24, 1875



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[note] 12/24/75 [/note]

the State of Miss Colfax county

this day personally appeared before the undersigned Justice of the peace in and for Said county and State,

Channie Brincker, James Brincker and Sarah Brincker, (Parents of the said Channie Brincker) who made Affidavit on oath, that they were Induced as they verily believed by the personally and political Enemies of of the said B. C. Carter, who was Indicted at the August Term of the circuit court, of Colfax County Miss, 1875, by the Grand Jury of the Aforesaid county, of the and State on the charge of Seducing the said Channie Brincker, (Daughter of the Said James and Sarah Brincker) to enter prosecution against the said B. C. Carter, as we are now firmly convinced, and do verily believe for the purpose of driving him from the County, he having been nominated for the Lower house of Representatives

Channie ^her X mark^ Brincker James ^his X mark^ Brincker Sarah ^her X mark^ Brincker

witness my hand, and seal this 24th day of December 1875

F G Strong J. P. (L S) Justice of the peace Dist. No. 1. Colfax county Miss

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West Point, Miss.

To His Excell'cy, Adelbert Ames, Exc. Mansion Jackson, Miss.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Colfax Co., Miss., most resp'y and earnestly petition your Excellency, to exercise executive clemency in the case of B. C. Carter, indicted at the [note] *1875 [/note] August term of Circuit Court*, on a charge of seduction: as we positively believe that the prosecution of said B. C. Carter, was instigated from malicious and partisan motives. Hereunto appended, Your Excell'cy will find the names of the girl—Chanie Brincker;—her father, James Brincker; and her mother, Sarah Brincker; prosecutors; who make affidavit that they were induced by political and personal enemies of said B. C. Carter, to enter prosecution against him, as they are now firmly convinced, and do verily believe for the purpose of driving him from the county; he having been nominated for the Lower House of Representatives.

And your petitioners will ever pray, &c.

Channie Brincker James Brincker Sarh ^Sarah^ Brincker

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Henry Scott Bob Gytes Charlie Shelton Jno Hudson Henry Dunn Monroe Stevens Joseph Evans Jack Young Fred Williams Flem Lylmere Levi Cross Reuben Stewart W. Crump W. Keets S. Steward Min. Gos. H. Joiner H. Jackson T. Scott. Alf. Jackson H. Jackson R. Sykes

Members of Board of Supervisors Henry H. Hardy Pres. } Ephraim Strong } J. Pittman }
A. W. Hardy Wm H. Reynolds Robt. Moore
R. Scott J. C. Walker Mem. H. R. P. Wooten N. Scott M. Peterson Arthur Martin Harrison Strong Min. Gos. A. D. Benford C. Johnson Isaac Wilson J. Morris C. Hale S. Peterson Min. Gos. D. L. McCauley R Chandler James Fox

the State of Miss } Colfax County } this day appeared before the undersigned a Justice of the peace of said county who acknowledge that they Channie Brucker James Brucker and Sarah Brucker. who acknowledged that they Signed the above petition without compulsion or threats, but of their free will

Witness My hand and} Seal this 24th day of} December 1875}

F. G. Strong Esq J.P.

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