Ration return of Lieutenant Thomas J. Wiley; July 1, 1865


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Form 13

Ration Return of Detached ^Men^ Company 53 Regiment of US Col. Inft for 10 days, commencing the 1st day of July 1865, and ending the 10th day of July 1865:

STATION Jackson Mss No. of Men. No. of Women. Total. No. of Days. No. of Rations. RATIONS OF Pork. RATIONS OF Bacon. RATIONS OF Ham. RATIONS OF Salt Beef. RATIONS OF Fresh Beef. RATIONS OF Flour. RATIONS OF Hard Bread. RATIONS OF Beans. RATIONS OF Peas. RATIONS OF Rice. RATIONS OF Hominy. RATIONS OF Coffeee. RATIONS OF Tea. RATIONS OF Sugar. RATIONS OF Vinegar. RATIONS OF Adamantine Candles. RATIONS OF Soap. RATIONS OF Salt. RATIONS OF Pepper. RATIONS OF Molasses. RATIONS OF Potatoes. REMARKS.
1 1 10 10 1 10 1 10 11 5 5 1 10 1 10 1 10 1 10 1 10 1 10 One detached service with street crm
Pt 0 meters from Post pend Quarters
The A. C. S. will issue on the above return.

Thos G Wiley 2nd Lieut 5t Cl. 8 , C A H And Street Commissioner ^Post of Jackson^ Commanding Company.

O. C. Risdon Col, Commanding Post.

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Sheet 1 Voucher 12 [Dr?] 5th[w?] 56 Inf July 1 ~ pd

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