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Lot No. 167

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Albert ; Ruth
5 ; 6

Mother ; 8
7 ;


1 ; Harriet
; 2

Mother ; Father
3 ; 4

(George F. Kibling)

Monument (small spire).
Name on west face.

Note; This lot presents difficulties due in part to
the nature of the inscriptions and in part to
the lack of records.
Stones 1 and 8 are well inscribed.
Stone 2. Since George F. Kibling was twice
Married, Harriet may be one of his wives. There
is no certain record of her.
Stones 3 and 4. I believe these to be George W.
and Sarah Fisher Kibling (father & mother of
George F. Kibling).
Stones 5 and 6. I searched the vital statistics
in the Town Clerk's office in Norwich and found
data for these others.
Stone 7. I believe this to be Ida Greenleaf Kibling
wife of George F. Kibling).
With these assumptions, the record would be;

Inscript. on
West face;

Thelma Ruth
Dau. of
E.E. & G.E. Lewis

Our baby

Stones 2-7
Inscript's. on arched
top of small stones;

2 Harriet

3 Sarah Fisher Kibling
Wife of George W. Kibling
Ae. 78 yrs., 11 mos., 9 days.

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birth dates for Sarah Fisher Kibling should be 1810? not 1910?