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Annual Meeting }

The Dartmouth Cemetery
having failed to
hold its Annual Meeting by
reason of the death of Rev Dr Richards, Secretary,
application was made for a Legal Meeting
as follows.

To Edwin D. Sanborn Esquire a Justice of the
Peace for the County of Grafton:

The subscribers, owners of one twentieth part
of the stock and property of the Dartmouth Cemetery
, represent that said Corporation has
failed to hold its Annual Meeting for the present
year. They therefore request you to call a meeting
of the members of said Corporation to be held at
the Vestry in said Hanover on Wednesday the
first day of June next at two oclock in the
afternoon for the purpose of acting upon the
following subjects viz. 1st To choose a Moderator
2nd To choose all necessary officers for the year
ensuing. 3rd To transact any other necessary business.

Hanover April 28, 1859

J. O. Dewey
S. G. Brown
J. Emerson


{Seal} The State of New Hampshire

Grafton Ss.

To J. O. Dewey of Hanover in said County
of Grafton.

Whereas application has been made to me,
Edwin D. Sanborn a Justice of the Peace for the County of
Grafton, as above, You are required to warn a
meeting of said Corporation to be held at the time and
place, and for the purposes mentioned in said
application by publishing a copy of said
application and warrant fourteen days, in
the same manner as is provided for warning
the annual meetings of said Corporation.

And make return of this warrant at
said time and place of meeting.

Dated the 10th day of May AD 1859

Edwin D. Sanborn Justice of the Peace

I, this day posted, at the Post office in
this Village a true and attested copy of
the above, which I hereby certify is
a true copy of the original application
and warrant

J. O. Dewey

Hanover May 11, 1859.

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