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The report of the Treasurer being
called for the following was submitted by J. O. Dewey

To Cash paid out at sundry times per. order of Pres. $62.89
By Cash seca on aSseSsments and subscriptions 57.50
Balance due the Treas. $5.39

Voted that the Treasurer be
requested to make an effort to increase
the number of shareholders --

Voted that the Directors be
instructed to prevent the grounds of the
Cemetery being used as a thoroughfare by
the owners of adjoining lands in future

Voted to aSseSs a tax of one
dollar upon a share - and to direct the Treasurer
to collect said tax and the amount due
upon a former aSseSsment - immediately - for the
purpose of making neceSsary repairs & improvements

Voted to adjourn

Attest. James A. Smith., Sec. pro tem


The Dartmouth Cemetery ASsociation having
failed to hold its annual meeting in 1862, at a
meeting of the Directors elected in 1861 application
was made for a legal meeting as follows:

To Danl Blaisdell Esqr a Justice of the Peace
for the County of Grafton.

The subscribers, owners of one twentieth part of the
stock & property of the Dartmouth Cemetery ASsociation,
represent that said Corporation failed to hold its
annual meeting during the last year. They therefore
request you to call a meeting of the members of the said
Corporation to be held at the Vestry in said Hanover
on Tuesday the 21st day of April [instant], at two
o'clock on the afternoon for the purpose of acting upon
the following subjects

1st To choose a Moderator to govern said meeting

2nd To choose all neceSsary Officers for the year ensuing

3d To [see] what sum of money the ASsociation will
vote to raise for the improvement of the Cemetery.

4th To transact any other neceSsary business.

April 4. 1863

S. G. Brown
Chas A. Aiken
William Tenney
J. O. Dewey
John S. Woodman

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