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Chide Not

Fanny Morcharg

Chide not, Chide not, unless you must
As day after day onward places
There s much of pain, that must needs be borne
Full enough of sorrw, for which to mourn
When men are weary, and women are worn
With grief shadowed hearts and faces.

O brother! sister! why suffer the hours
To go frieghted with frowns and fault fiding
So few, & fast fleeting, the sweet sheltered years,
In which, to be mingled your laughter & tears
Ere youth plumes its wings, the sad parting nears
And you're left, to the future's reminding.

Ah friend; tho' oft thro life s wildering way
Erring feet must be turned, hearts need guiding.
If to check & reprove, be stern duty's decree
Let that matchless reproving
"Lovest thou me?"
Whisper down thro the ages, its message to thee
That love be felt, e'en thro' the chiding..

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Hello, unsure if it is V or &. I think it is & but would welcome comments

Samara Cary

I believe it is also &, this person had a unique way of writing it!


I also believe it is a &. It appears on a lot of the pages