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Think not again the wells of life to fill
By any conscious act of your own will
Retire within the silence of your soul
And let Gods spirit enter and control,
The springs of feeling which you thot were stilled
Shall be so deepened, sweetened and refilled.

Mourn not the lost ideals of your youth
When sacrificed in honor of the truth;
Surrender every idol which you find
Wearing a [?] to cheat the blind.
Take patiently results of broken love
So learning your relation to the [Cause?].

Not with loud protest but with quiet mind
Accept the discipline and task assigned
Grow from within nor count that hour as waste
Spent in the Presence, which admits no haste.
So shall you come to feel God, in the soul
And know of all the creeds, this in the whole.

Anna J. Grannis.

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