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You may think it last forever.
But as sure as God is true
In this life, or in the other,
It will yet return to you.
E. W. Wilcox.

Just what you think is just what your are
The mold of a man, is his mind
The thoughts that take place will reflect in the face
The size of the soul hid behind.
You never can buy an innocent eye
The mask of the Saint, is not sold.
You just have to be, and to think and to see
To build up a conscience of gold.
So make life a song, you are not living long
But while you're alive, and can think -
Put into that mind the best you can find
And from all that is base proudly shrink.
The heart that can tell to itself - "All is well"
And beat with a rythm of love
Is the heart that has caught the purest of that
From the mind of the man, just above.
Earl Johnson.

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