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February 23rd, 1921,

Pear Mr. Maurer:

During your stay on Wrangel Island did you ever go any considerable
distance inland? Please write me as fully as you can about the vegetation
of Wrangel Island, both from your own observations and from anything you
may have heard from the other men who had been inland.

Did you see lichens, mosses or grasses? Were flowers common?

On what parts of the island did you find the most driftwood and what hind
of wood was it? Around Eerschel Island the driftwood is chiefly spruce
with a little pine and cotton wood. On Wrangel Island I have supposed
that you might have found driftwood from the Pacific which would presumably
be in part composed of logs of larger variety than those you see around
Eerschel Island.

I have noted what you said in one of your stories about hilling
a considerable number of foxes towards the end of your stay. Did it strihe
you that Wrangel Island is a good location for fox trapping or walrus hunt-

I hope you will be able to reply soon, as I am anxious to get
these facts before my booh goes to press.

Mr. Frederich W. Maurer,
lew Philadelphia, Ohio.


Du Valle, Wash.

V. Stefansson,

Care Ellison White,

Chautauqua, Preston, Idaho.

Can you give me definite information as to prospects of going north anxious
to accept proposition you offered but should hnow soon before close of

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