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Stef. Artic Ex

McMinnville, Oregon, May 12, 1921

Hon.J.B.Harken Commissioner Dominion Parks. Ottawa, Ont.

Dear Sir;

When I left Mr.V .Stefansson at Louisville Ky. the last of March, it was understood that I would be called to Ottawa by the first of May at the latest.

I have been here eversince April 2 ,awaiting the call and I have been without funds and did not dare to accept a position of any sort for fear the call would come and I would have to drop whatever I h ad undertaken.

I am still waiting and at your disposal but, in case I shall not be wanted for two weeks, three weeks or a month I should appreciate the information so that I can shape my plans accordingly.

I have written you twice concerning this matter and I hope I am not becoming a nuisance in writing you again but ,you will understand my position, I hope and, I shall thank you very cordially for what information you can give me now.

Yours very respectfully;

This is a copy of a note I am sending to Ottawa. Have not heard from them yet. This note explain why I am writing Knight Have not heard from Maurer but hope he is making a go of it.

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