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Hudson's Bay


May 30th., 1921. File F. 88.

V. Stefansson, Esquire, General Delivery, Reno, Nevada.

My dear Mr. Stefansson:-

I have this morning received your telegram of May twenty-ninth dated from Eureka, California, reading as follows:-

"Confidential - delighted to learn by "letter from Mr. Sale Company has de"cided establish Post Wrangel Island "have in mind two excellent men members "my expedition suitable take charge "colonization STOP "when does ship sail please wire reply."

I sent you a nightletter this evening in reply reading as follows :-

"Thanks telegram twenty-ninth not "possible instal post mentioned this "year Schooner "Lady Kindersley" will "put in there on return and our Captain "O'Kelly will make preliminary examina"tion STOP "Definitely decided to establish next "season - am writing."

The establishment of a Post on Wrangel Island involved more preparation and work than would admit of our opening Post there this season. It has been decided that our Captain O'Kelly (Assistant to the Fur Trade Commissioner) who is going North to Herschel Island on our new Schooner "Lady Kindersley" sailing from Vancouver within the next three weeks,

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V. Stefansson, Esquire.

May 30th., 1921.


under instructions will examine into the conditions at Wrangel Island on the return trip of the "Lady Kindersley" from the Western Arctic so from a Fur Trade point of view we may have the advantage of his advice in respect of the establishment to be effected there next season.

We much appreciate your kind offer in regard to the two men members of your expedition who you consider suitable to take charge of any colonization work. I am, therefore, asking Mr. Brabant to be good enough to study this phase of the matter and to advise us thereon when I shall be glad to write you further.

Hoping that all goes well with you and that your lecture tour is in every way a success and with kind regards,

Yours faithfully,

Edward FitzGerald Deputy Chairman Canadian Advisory Committee.


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