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Aug 13 th 1921

Dear Mr Stefansson:

The $500.00 by Mr Taylor has arrived together
with the extra $500.00 you have ($2500.00 in all on your account)
allowed we shall do very nicely. Everything is in order except
hardware and as Schwabachers assure me there is time I am letting
Knight attend to that when he returns Monday morning.

You will probably see in the press that the Polar Bear is
at Nome I have made inquiries and there is no truth in it.

I found it necessary to call on Mr. Thomsen
to get endorsement on one of your cheques. This I cashed for
$1,000.00 in Amer. Express Co. cheques the Schwabachers
will meet for $1,500.00. Any further instructions should be
sent me immediately or it will be too late. Although as I
stated in my wire of the 11th victoria sails 18th it is possible
she may be delayed a day or two.

Have arranged to defer freight payment.

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