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Sept. 6th, 1921.

V. Stefansson, Esq.,
c/o American Geographical Society,
Broadway at 156th Street,
New York, U.S.A.

My dear Stefansson,

I have received this morning your letters of
August 29th and 31st, and in regard to giving Crawford
an option on ten shares on the terms suggested in his
letter to you of August 18th, I see no objection to this
except that a time limit of say a year or at the most
two years for the payment in full of the shares should
be placed on the option. Otherwise the transaction
would be decidedly one-sided, and would be too generous
on your part. Believing and hoping that Crawford will
be sailing in the course of the next week, and thinking
to encourage him, I have told him in my wire of this
morning that you are arranging to sell him the ten shares
he requests, and we will make a suitable entry in our
books here to show that the option has been granted,
that is, unless in the meantime I hear from you to the

Your letter of August 31st to Mr. Payzant of
Victoria is splendid, and I agree thoroughly with every-
thing you have said and will deal appropriately with any
communication that Mr. Payzant may address to us here.
I feel that after the turn of the year, and once the boys
have actually sailed, there will not be any difficulty
in getting a few thousand dollars' worth of the shares
sold. I would not under any circumstances sell enough
to relinquish control.

I was very sorry to learn from Crawford's wire
of the 2nd of the hitch in regard to the boat, but it
looks from his wire of the 4th as though he was going to
be able to secure a suitable boat in the "Silver Wave",

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This letter has what appears to be "Yes" and a date of "Sept. 14" written in pencil on left side.