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Please return
to me [batch] this
and [Finnie's] letter

Dear Taylor:

I think yourself or [Anderson] should send Finnie
(1) Copy of my letter to [A] asking him to report to [Finnie]: (2) Copy of A's
lett[ers] to me explaining delay; (3) some reopt, either final, or merely
assur[ance] that it will be forthcoming by March 15. It would
be a fine thing if you wer[e] to call on [Finni]
if you are in Ottawa.


Carbon of Telegram



Feb. 13 3

O.S. Finnie

North West Territories Office

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Your letter of February five stop was absent from New York
when Captain Bernard arrived he made report
was seen by my associate A.J. Taylor now of
Bank of Hamilton Bldg. Toronto am wiring him to write or
see you unable myself make report till I reach New York
March tenth

V. Stefansson

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I choose to transcribe side note between messages, as I think it makes the most logical sense when red from top down.