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Taylor Combusco Toronto

[...] Noice has thousand Nome you ten keep extra thousand Toronto if not actually needed Nome instruct Noice give out whatever information to public Nome he thinks required but real purpose voyage must he must be continue trapping and other company business Wrangell everybody London considers fear Soviet interference ridiculous if Russia or other countries have claims they will be settled by international court not by predatory expeditions stop should continuance operations Wrangell this winter impracticable houses and all [...] nonperishable property should be left Wrangell for resuming companys business next summer stop order seniority Knight Maurer Noice senior of these being commander Wrangell station Crawford Galle doubtless coming out [...] perhaps others stop [...] news of Noice having money enough for certainty sailing should Stefansson be kept from press [...] if possible till moment sailing


V. Stefansson [Neco] Court, Middle Temple

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