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TORONTO, Ontario,

Bank of Hamilton Bldg.,

July 21st, 1923.

Mrs. O. R. Wilcox,

Secretary to V. Stefansson,

c/o American Geographical Society,

Broadway at 156th St.,

New York, N.Y.

Dear Mrs. Wilcox: -

About 5 o‘clock last evening we received
a telegram from Mr. Noice which was dated from Nome, July
17th. I tried at once to get you by long distance tele-
phone but found that you had left the office, so in order
to be sure that this telegram would reach you this morning
we sent you a night letter and mailed you confirmation.

Mr. Noice’s advice that we cannot now have
the Allen boat comes as a great shook, and brings us face to
face with a very serious situation. I, of course, have no
more information about it than you have, but there is now
extreme urgency in the matter of getting the money needed
to enable the expedition to start from Nome. As I have pre-
viously written, it is quite impossible for me to supply this
money from here. I simply haven’t got it, and as far as I
can see the money will have to be found by Mr. Stefansson,
and found quickly, otherwise the expedition may be delayed,
and if we fail to reach the Island this year, the consequences
will be very serious indeed, and I am afraid will have a most
far reaching effect upon Mr. Stefansson personally.

The reference in Mr. Noice’s telegram to
expressed annoyance on the part of the Siberians, and the
article on the same subject which I am told appeared in the
Philadelphia Ledger for July 18th, are not favorable indi-
cations for the success of Mr. Stefansson’s negotiations
with the Imperial Authorities.

I hope that by Monday at the very latest
you will have received a cable from Mr. Stefansson sending

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