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1107 Bank of Hamilton Bldg.,
September 17th, 1923.

D. M. LeBourdais Esq.,
c/o V. Stefansson,
American Geographical Society,
Broadway at 156th St.,
New York, N.Y.

My dear LeBourdais:-

Just received yours of the 15th. Sorry to
have missed you as it would have given me an opportunity
of telling you just what took place at my interview with Mr.

We arranged that I should have Mr. Roy Brown
of Vancouver Province meet Noice in Seattle, and we dicta-
ted between us a general telegram of instructions to Mr.
Brown, but upon my return to Toronto I received a wire from
Mr. Pcokering saying that he had killed the telegram and
that there was now no necessity of Brown going for he, Mr.
Pickering, had wired Noice to bring his material East.

Upon thinking the matter over on Saturday,
however, I decided to send Mr. Brown a telegram, as per copy
attached, and am glad to say that I had a reply from him
last evening to the effect that he would meet Mr. Noice
this morning in Seattle.

I am not disposed to conduct any further
negotiations in regard to the sale of Wrangel Island stories,
for, in the first place I don't feel qualified for the work,
and in the second place I cannot see how we are going to avoid
confusion if Stefansson is doing part of the business in Lon-
don, you are doing some in New York, and I am attempting some
here. Even angels would get mixed up under these difficult
circumstances, so I think the best thing for me to do is to
wait patiently now until Noice gets to Toronto, and then we
will know just how much he has left to sell, and I will tell
you, and from that point you can go on with the business. I

I am ever so much obliged to you for meeting
me as you did in New York, and I hope to hear from you soon

Yours sincerely,

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