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New York

Dear Mr.Stefansson

The terrible news from Wrangle Island seem almost
unbelievable and inconceivable that such a terrible ending
should be the final outcome of this undertaking.

Of counrse, you can not be expected to understand all
that it means to us and yet, I know that it means, to you,
in d a different sense almost more than I can understand.

I can not resist the temptation to say to you now, what
I have felt for a year and that is that,

Had Capt.Bernard have shown half the sense he was given
credit for having, he should have, with an HONEST effort,
reached Wrangle Island last year.

Any school child in the fourth grade could tell by
looking at the map that, with the long line of Siberian coast
for a buffer for all the ice coming down from the north end
of the world, it would be impossible for him to hug the Siber-
ian coast and make the island but, by doing as the Silver
Wave did and as Noice did, make the parallel of the Island
north and then come in behind the great mass of ice, he could
have made the destination.

However, what can not be helped, need not be agitated and,
we have lost our boys [???] throug his
inefficiency and WE must endure it.

All McMinnville is now ready for an indugnation meeting
over the fact that, not a word has been heard from Noice by
us and, the fact that, he has our boy's body at Nome and we
have not been advised and nothing has even reached you
except what it was impossible for him to conceal for the
sake of the price per column inch for himself.

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