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May Nine, 1923

The Sign
of Service

New York City, N.Y.

Dear Mr.Stefansson.

Your two letters dated May 4-5 came simultaneously
today and they were read with a great deal of interest.

I am glad that you have taken the same view of my
article that I took and I hope that it may serve some little
purpose in giving the correct view to the Canadian people,
of the situation as I believe it really is.

I shall be glad to see whatever they publish of it.

I am asked for it by the local press and, as I told you
I had no other copy, I have a carbon copy but,when I wrote
you, it had been sent to the Galles and I did not know if
they would return it to me but they did and, if the local
press wishes to publish it, it can in no way conflict with
the Candaian press publication of it in the form in which
they will prehaps publish it.

As to Joseph, he has decided definitely NOW that, he
is to be a member of the Expedition which, we believe will
sail from Seattle or Vancouver B.C. early in August and he
has, alead already, set about completing his wireless
education with this in view.

He has a pretty good knowledge of the Continental Code
and he will, immediately install an instrument for the pur-
pose of perfecting himself in a working knowledge of it and
he will make a study,by a special course in the mechanical
construction and operation of both the wireless telephone and
telegraph and he will hope that he may be of special service
to the expedition in this line.

However, he does not wish you to imply that,he expects
to go as strictly a wireless man for,if you want him in
an other capacity, he will serve wherever he is put.

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