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July 13, 1923

New York City, N.Y.

Dear Mr.Stefansson;

I presume you will say to yourself ,"Well, if I had anything
to say to you, I would say it " and, rightly too for you have a
faculty of doing this BUT I am getting a bit anxious and hope
you will not deem me presumptous or a nuisance in writing you
to ask what is doing. ?

By this, permit me to say that,Joseph is about the most anxious
young man you could find anywhere because,he has given it out
that he was "going north" and he has made his plans in that direc-
tion and he is anxious to know what your plans are for him.

We, of course, are very anxious now, as the summer matures,
for word from the boys and we feel sure we will have some news
of them by the first of Sept..

I had a brief letter from Harold Noice the other day written
on the Fourth of July at Seattle and he told me that he was going
to join the boys and of his plans to reach the Island but,he did
not tell any of the plans beyond that as to whether or not it
was the intention to bring them home this fall or to continue the
project from there.

Presume my letter written to you May 10, just before you
were leaving for London,reached you and it told you what Joseph's
plans were and he is anxious to carry them out along the lines
therein expressed.

If you have any news for us, we will welcome them cheerfully
and we are hoping that all is well with the boys as well as
with yourself. Hope you got what you went to London for.

Yours very truly;
[J. Knight]

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