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1107 Bank of Hamilton Bldg,,
September 26th, 1923.

V. Stefansson Esq.,
New Court,
Middle Temple,
London, W.C.2,

Dear Stefansson:-

We were all glad to receive your letters
of September 12th which arrived the day before yesterday,
the same time as Noice reached here.

Noice left last night, for New York and
we consequently had two days with him, and I believe we
have his story fairly complete, but I have asked him to
write a report covering his expedition.

Mr. Anderson and Noice went over the
accounts yesterday and sent you a long cable, as per copy
attached, from which you will see that there is an immed-
iate pressing demand for $4,000; and a further $2,200 for
Crawford's overdue wages will be required within the next
sixty days.

Noice has brought Knight's diary and I
understand is sending this on to you. Personally, I don't
think the material in this diary can be sold to the news-
papers to advantage, but it might be sold in book or maga-
zine form, if you decide to do this.

Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Bone of the Star
have behaved very nicely during the past two months and
were particularly kind to Mr. Noice yesterday.

It seems to me when talking to men about
town that there is decidedly unfriendly feeling towards
the Wrangel Island matter, and I think it is time that you
arranged for some favorable publicity in the Canadian Press
to offset the unpleasant and, I think, distinctly harmful
articles that have been appearing. Saturday Night for

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