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Agency, Noice had given it to a London agent who was sailing for London
and took it with him. I understand that Noice gave him the right to
place it in England if he could. This agent's name is G. N. Jeffries,
Hopefield House, Hanwell, London, W.7.

This was the first that I had heard of it. I can't
understand why Noice didn't tell me either at the time that I asked him
to send it to you or else later.

There are two other copies, one is out in the magazine
field and the other is with some book publishers. Last week Miss Skinner
thought she might be able to get one of them back, but she now tells me
that she cannot and so instead has given me the name of the London agent
suggesting that you try to borrow it from him.

I hope I shall hear from you soon about the Neilson
dates, also about Maine.


Olive R. Wilcox

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