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TORONTO, Canada.

Bank of Hamilton Bldg.,

July 27th, 1923,

Mrs. O. R. Wilcox,

Secretary to V. Stefansson,

c/o The American Geographical Society,

Broadway at 156th St.,

New York, N.Y.

Dear Mrs. Wilcox: -

We duly received copies of the several cables
you have sent to Mr. Stefansson, and we are at a loss to un-
derstand why we have not had some word from him as to what we
may expect in the way of money to finance the expedition.

We are fast finding ourselves in a very crit-
ical position, which fact is emphasized by Mr. Noice's telegram,
just received, which I have sent on to you at once.

Mr. Stefansson is thoroughly aware of the very
limited period remaining in which to reach Wrangel Island
this season, our understanding being that the open water is
only for a matter of two or three weeks.

We cannot arrange for the necessary money or
credit here, unless we do it on the basis of a public sub-
scription to finance a rescue party for Allan Crawford.

We hope that before to-day closes we shall have
some cable advice from Mr. Stefansson saying that the money
required will be forthcoming.

In order to discover whether or not Lomen
Brothers might advance the credit to enable the expedition
to start, we took it upon ourselves to wire them this morn-
ing. We feel from what Mr. Noice has already said in his
telegram that the hope of Lomen Brothers being able to extend
credit is very remote.

I know that you share with us our anxiety in
this whole matter, and I do hope that we have reassuring word
from Mr. Stefansson within the next few hours.

Yours sincerely,


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