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Introduction, by J. I. Knight
Chapter I - The Background of the Story
" II - The Early History of Wrangell Island
" III - The Fatal Drift of the Karluk
" IV - The Sinking of the Ship and the Journey over the Ice to the Land.
" V - The Summer of 1914 on Wrangell Island
" VI - The Outfitting in 1921 and the Second Voyage to Wrangell
" VII - The Dif ficulties of 1922
" VIII - The Summer of 1923 and the Tragic News
" IX - The History of the Wrangell Island Documents
" X - The First Autumn on Wrangell Island
" XI - The First Winter and the Second Summer
" XII - The Second Winter and the Tragic End


Appendix I Introductory Note - The Fragmentary Papers of Milton Galle
Appendix II I - The Report of Captain Joseph Bernard on the Relief Operations of 1922.
" III II - The Story of Ada Blackjack
" IV III - The Charge of Mr. Harold Noice that Ada Blackjack Was Responsible for the Death of Lorne Knight
" V IV - Summary of the History and Political Situation of Wrangell Island
" VI V - Discussions in the Parliament of Canada about Wrangell Island
" VII VI - List of the Contributors to the Wrangell Island Relief of 1923 } Note to Publishers : To be sent direct to publishers by Griffith Brewer, Esq., 33 Chaucery Lane, London.
" VIII VII - The Contract with the North American Newspaper Alliance
" IX VIII - A Six Month Drift on an Ice Floe in the Beaufort Sea, by Storker T. Storkerson

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