Minutes of Council Meeting held May 17th 1919

Present Cr James O'Shanahan (in the Chair)
Crs R.M.McFarlane. OA Hall. WG Morgan JA McGuire
& SA Puckridge.
Minutes of Previous meeting read & Confirmed.

Financial Statement submitted & read.

1 Parliament Trip
Letter from VH Ryan stating that the proposed
inspection of Eyre Peninsula Country by members
of Parliament had been postponed for the present.

2 Exhibition March to May 1920
Letter from HE Winterbottom stating that an all-
-Australian Peace Exhibition would be held
in Adelaide from March 26th to May 22nd 1920.

Wire netting Instalments.
Letter from Sec Lands dated 22/4/19 stating that £1332-19-1 less
£518-3-1 which is held over for the present, was due
for wire netting Instalments & that the amount
should be paid before the 30th inst, without fail
to avoid the infliction of Penalties.

Rates on Soldiers Properties
Letter from Sec Local Gov dept stating that the State
Bank will pay rates on certain properties on
which advances are made by them to Soldiers.

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