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District Council of Lincoln Minutes of Meeting held 17 April 1926

Present Crs J O'Shanahan (Chairman) Simes, Hall, Puckridge, Morgan.

Minutes of previous meeting read.

Financial Statement submitted.

Correspondence R Starke Letter received requesting Council to metal a piece of road on the East side of the railway line at the north end of Edillilie siding.

Moved by Cr Hall that the Overseer inspect the place before next meeting.

Simpson & Sons Acknowledgment of Council's order for Dog Discs.

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A. D. Williams Letter from Mr. Williams asking for the fine inflicted for late payment of rates to be remitted.

Reply to be sent Council does not feel justified to remit the fines

W. E. Wagner Letter rom Mr. Wagner stating he would be prepared to meet Mr. Swaffer at Block 10 Hd Cummins to take over Cyclone fencing + barb wire.

WE Turner Letter from Mr Turner, to whom Mr MT Morgan's estate was assigned, asking Council to hand cheques for payment of his work done, to Mr Morgan.

Notice received from DC Dearman & Sons. that FW Dearman would be travelling 20 head of cattle from Hd Harg to Hd Kiana.

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Transfer of Lands From R McDonald (deceased) Sect 378 Lincoln Sect 1 Mortlock to Farmers Co & Ex Coy R McDonald Sect 55. 58. 59 Wanilla Sect 414 Louth. W Bartlett (deceased) Sect 19 Hd Lincoln to C,A & E Bartlett Elders trustee & Ex Co Sections 21/2/3/4 Hd Ulipa to Nelson Ness. Elders Trustee & Ex Co Sections to Hugh Ness. AD Williams Sect 23 Hd Cummins to GJ Parker. JK Dunn (deceased) Bagots Ex & Trustee Sect 44 Hd Shannon.

Moved by Cr Puckridge that the Clerk be authorised to make the necessary alterations in the Assessment Book. 2nd Cr Simes. Carried.

Accounts. General.£11 Wilkinson. 7.9.10 Hoppings = £18.9.10 24.10/- Swaffer. 17.13.4 Clerk. 1.12.6 Whill & Ormiston= £43.15.10 1.7.3 Scrymgour. 3.17.5 RE Shaw. 14/- Govt Printer= £5.18.8 6/6 Eyres Pen. 11/- Trudgen. 6.16.3. Secry Lands. £20 Sampson = 7.13.9 Total = £95.18.1

Wire-Netting A/c 69.11/- Secry Lands

Fencing Loan A/c 65.19.5 Elder Smith. £1.2/- AH Taylor = £67.1.5 12.19.1 Secry Lands. 5.10.3 Secry Lands = £15.9.4 Total £85.10.9

Govt Grants A/c £110 Brewster. £9.5/- RL Myers = £119.5/- Moved by Cr Simes that the

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accounts as read be passed for payment. 2nd Cr Morgan. Carried.

PJ Houston Letter received re assessment on Sections 66 & G. Hundred Ulipa. Reply to be sent that the Assessment will be readjusted at the revision of the assessment in August next.

Petition received asking for about 20 chains of rubbling done along the side existing track, & to have about 6 chains of rubbling done on the two sharp rises between sections 45 & 46 & 55E & 35, & 48 & M, Hd Kiana. Overseer to inspect.

Overseer's report read. Moved by Cr Morgan that the Overseers report as read be adopted 2nd Cr Simes . Carried.

Tenders opened & considered. No 126 C Sampson £7 per chain No 126 T Lynch £7.12/- per chain No 127 C Sampson £6 per chain No 127 SJ Heard £6.10/- per chain.

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No 128 T Lynch £7.10/-
C Sampson x 7.15/-
129 Allan Puckridge 5.0.0
JS King 5.10.0
AP Quinn 6.10.0
130 C Sampson 11.15.0
Eli Walsh x 9.15.0
131 DT Brewster x 4.0.0 readvertise
H Sampson 4.0.0
132 D Brewster x 3.12.0
H Sampson 3.19.0
133 E Sampson 2.17.0
SW Merchant 2.12.0
H & A Wilkinson 2.17.0
134 AP Quinn 3.17.6
JS King 4.10.0
J Doudle 3.18.0
T Lynch 4.12.0
A & A Puckridge 3.15.0
135 D Brewster 3.10.0
C Sampson x 3.9.0
E Sampson 4.19.6
Moved the following be the successful tenders No 128 C Sampson. 130 Eli Walsh. 132 D Brewster. 133 SW Merchant 135 C Sampson. 134 A A Puckridge.
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