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Effective Oct 18.

Quote from Spence resign.

Salary - $14,500 (11,420 beg]

effective date about October 20 [this?]

When started here?

175,000 [pop?]

3 HS, Jr, College

33 elem schools

December 1, 1950 [arrow to show this is when he started]


Hard to leave the many good friends I have in [?1+?} but isan opp for professional advancement I felt I could not refuse Enjoyed association with

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the teaching staff in [?++?] I appreciae the fine cooperatins they have shown.


to Bd [me?]

Geo B. Gundry c/o [A?l?l]

[Burch Morton ??] Hamlton Ave. Flint, Mich



Dr. Mark Bills who goes to K.C. Mo as supt of schools.

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