Office of Board of Trustees
Board met Present Messrs Yohn Noble & Elder
The board made the following annual
report of receipts and expenditures to the county
Office of Trustees of Public Schools
Indianapolis March 11 1871
To the Honorable
The commissioners of Marion County
The following is a report of the
and expenditures of the schools fund for the city of
Indianapolis for the year ending March 10 1871
a/c Tuition Revenue

March 10 Balance on hand on settlement with the county commission
ers to this date 11484.41
March 25 Recd from City Treasurer 3500.00
April 21 Recd from City Treasurer 8000.00
May 14 Recd Tuition collected 15.66
May 17 Recd City treasurer 4000.00
Mat 27 Recd City treasurer 2000.00
June 17 Recd Marion County treasurer
June 17 Recd Int G 15 R 3 E 19.51
June 17 Recd Int Com school fund 1500.00
June 17 Recd Int License 3603.78
June 17 Recd School revenue for tuition 17930.58
June 27 Recd Special tax of 1868 4113.59
July 5 Recd City treasurer 3133.03
Aug 31 Recd C C Heizer township trustee 2880.80
Nov 15 Recd Marion County treasurer for
Nov 15 Recd Int T 15 R 3 E 46.00
Nov 15 Recd Int Com school fund 804.61
Nov 15 Recd Licenses 2968.67
Nov 15 Recd School revenue for tuition 3019.76
Recd total revenue for tuition $69159.60

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Tom York

The word "receipts" is missing from the March 11 minutes