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MAR 24, 1893]

4 Nordstr. Zoppot a Danzig.
Prussia. 24.3.93.

Dear Madam!

Frau Heidfeld charges me to tell you
that she is fully appreciating the ho-
nour of having been appointed
member of the Congress of Represen-
tative Women, that she has got the
invitation and printed material you
sent to her and wants me to express
her thanks to you and the Presi-
dent of the Committee. Unfortunately
Frau Heidfeld is not able to come
and see your great exhibition, country
and women.

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Scott Mathews

According to ancestry.com, "Prupia" is actually "Prussia." In the German language, "ss" is often written as what appears to be a long-tailed "p". Also according to ancestry.com, "Hoppel" may be a German family name. I don't know what "Daury/Dairy" means. "Nordster" would be the German word for "north star." The word "Nordstr." might be an abbreviation for this word.