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Fletcher Agnes
Feb 28

Thursday. February 28

Dear Mrs. Sewall

"It is borne in upon me
in the nature of a irresistable impulse
that I make special and grateful mention
of yesterdays hours of enjoyment spent
at your house. Was it a house or an
interpolation having no relation to
ordinary concretions. Where could its
duplicate be found - supplying such
delicious pleasantries to every reuse?

Common threadbare conditions are
made more gracious by such a memory.

I hope it wont offend to mention
Madame's silken laciness of attire - all so
softly radiant - a centre color - tone lending
itself even to the framed golden sunset
mists upon the wall-spaces and the
Plumes of Paradise, or if you will have it,
plain Russian Lilacs, wafting their exquisite
odors. There "the inconceivable pathos of the
human voice" - but was it "pathos" - that "merry

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....having no relation to ordinary concretions. - I think the last word may be CONVENTIONS.