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President Belva Al Lockwood, District of Columbia.
1st Vice-President, Clara B. Colby, Nebraska.
2D Vice-President, Martha D. Lincoln, District of Columbia

Cor. Secretary, M. E. Gardner, Illinois.
Rec. Secretary, C. B. Harrison, District of Columbia
Treasurer, Chace Kays D.C.
National Association for the Promotion of Arbitration.
Jacob M. Troth, Virginia.
Isaac T. Gibson, Iowa.
619 F Street, Washington, D.C.,]
May 8, 1903

Dear Mrs. Sewall,

If you have out any circular
letter for the Peace Meetings for May 18
please to send me 1, or 2.

Tell me also what the mass meeting
called in Chicago for peace is, and if it
is your call? Also if it differs in
any respect from the local peace
meetings that wil be called over the

We shall call a Peace Meeting in
Wash. in accordance with the request
of last year; ^(yours)^ - because Alfred H. Love is
the Universal Peace Union ask it,
and because the Princesse Wisznewska
of Paris and the International Alliance
of Women for Peace request it.

Will you call a convention or make
other demonstration at the St. Louis
Exposition? Yours truly, Belva A. Lockwood

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