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SEPT 10, 1919

Sept 10 '19

Dear Mrs. Sewall:-

I suggest that you
send me the information I asked for
after you have "[?] settled" in
Indpls. You can ? it there.
Mr. Howland will doubtless talk
over the contract with you; I
am sure he will be fair, and
the terms will be customary - it
is always about the same thing:
10% gross, I suppose, on sales
up to 10,000 and 15% thereafter -
some such arrangement
I should let him propose the
terms and, if they are like this,
accept at once.

Of course the eliminations
will be submitted to you before
the book is made up; and the
order of the contents (using the
essays as appendix) is not of
great importance, so long

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