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lest something should happen to prevent their [proriation?]. I therefore [...] what appeared to be the majority opinion in my motion. The latter clause I fear sounds a bit impudent, but it was not intended so by the move on the Council. I think my motions prevented more disagreable ones and also discussion which would have been [dispairing?] to you. I meant these so.
Mrs. Gordon wished to have it clearly understood that she could do nothing which in the matter of these tranactions, and I was therefore deputized to explain to you, that you, and not Mrs. Gordon must appeal to the Council for subscriptions, and you must also deliver them.
Nothing was said about the numbers she printed, but I venture my own opinion, that as few as [once?] fill the orders might give you in the matter.
The Norway matter was so compromised there was nothing offensive left and all except Miss Krvg and I voted for it, and M did not vote at all.
The Australian matter was left as proposed by Australia

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