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meanwhile, lying limp with
tonsilitis. Should you care to
use her "pome", I trust you
will be the reader of it. You
will observe that she insists on
pronouncing the Greek "Tau" after
the German standard. Or, if you
choose, you can call "brow" as
if it were "braugh!" Ms. Ames's
love for Susan must have affected
her like an inspiration; for I do not
remember her dropping into rhyme
till now since our wedding journey
(1863) when we were en route between
Albany & Lake Champlain. Then she
broke out ---

"The Hudson rests her happy head
Away the northern hills,
And draws into her emerald bed
The little snickering rills."

This you are not to use at Washington,
though it may appear in Fanny's "collect-
ed works."

Do you know how happily
your fellow-church folk at Spring Garden
are getting on with Mr. Nichols, their
new minister. I trust our non-resident
member is doing us credit. Please come
this way & report yourself now & then.

Yours, habitually, Chas. Gordon Ames

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