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Foul Slander and Abuse have crossed thy path,
And Fashion amd Convention mocked in wrath
Thy noble youth and age

"Go forth," the Spirit said, "for my name's sake:
Give all thou art; all ease & gain forsake"
That call thou hast obeyed.

How sweet were home and quiet hearth to thee!
But sweeter righteousness enthroned to see:
To thee nought else was gain.

And thou for Womanhood, by night and day,
Hast cried with prophet voice, "Prepare the way!"
Thy life became a light.

To widow's wrongs and childhood's menaced years
Thou gavest pleadings, strivings, prayers & tears,
And gavest not in vain.

What though the State, entrenched in wont & use,
Withholds, with shifting voice & vain excude,
The seal of civic right?

The heavy burden has been rolled away;
No growing girl but sees a gladder day,
Through thee, & those like thee.

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