Letter from Clara Barton to May Wright Sewall.


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My dear Mrs. Sewell:

I had to learn through the press, the unexpected and noble part which my rare friends had taken in the matter before congress, so so delicately conducted had the movement been. Later your capable leadership has been explained to me.

I cannot understand either the movement, or its advocacy, but that I am more grateful for the friendship

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disclosed by both, than I could be by the higherst results which could follow is sure - and as a manifestation of my long and heart friendship for you, and my appreciation of your unspeakably noble work I beg you to accept the inclosed small {testimonia?} All too small, but such as it is I pray you accept and use it as you will.

With the grateful affection of

Clara Barton

Washington D.C. March third. Nineteen Hundred two

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