Letter from Clara Barton to May Wright Sewall.


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Glen Echo, Md. Sept. 20 1910

My dear, dear May Wright-Sewell:

I come to thank you again, and again, for the four beautiful volumes which have come to me.

What a labor you have performed: A labor of love I fear it has too much been.-- but what a contribution to the historic lit- erature of Woman it is! It stands out like a rock in the sea, for the waters of all the world to lave, and wash, but however fierce and angry their storms they cannot overthrow it. A lasting monument to the great Unity of Womanhood the world over.

What great grand thoughts

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our "Saint Anthony" had! and how they flourish, and spread, and live after her.[symbol?] How thankful you are for every hour you labored by her side. They are like a string of pearls about your neck, and the remembering fingers tenderly feel them one by one for the treasured whole.

I am spending the Autumn and winter probably, in Glen Echo. and am very well, and "over" busy.

Alway glad of a remembrance from you and am Always Affectionately yours

Clara Barton

Mrs. May Wright-Sewell Eliot York Co Maine

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