Letter from David Starr Jordan to May Wright Sewall.


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June 17, 1915

My dear Mrs. Sewall:

Mrs Mead asks me to name women in California who can speak for peace. There are not many and you should know them better than I.

Among them are Mrs. Elizabeth Lowe Watson Cupertino, a [motherly?] lady of good parts Mrs. Alice Parke of Palo Alto [indeed?] earnest Mrs. V.G. Kellogg of Stanford, could speak if she would

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Mrs. Chas S. Aiker of Los Altos. Clever and willing but not well informed. Miss M. Ida Williams of Pasendena. A Stamford girl and a teacher, very much interested and with a good mind. Miss Ruth R. Mirrieless an instructor at Stamford much interested and with a fine touch with the girls.

I wish I could be at your meeting, but the fates have me down for Colorado. Loyally yours David Starr Jordan

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