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JULY 8, 1915

Greeley Colorado
July 8, 1915

My dear Mrs. Sewall:
I congratulate you on
the success of your conference. I
am sorry that my six month old
agreement to play in Denver, Boulder
and Greely kept me away.

I expect to reach home on July
15. I shall there see you frequently,
no doubt. I trust that you received
my telegram from Boulder.

You are quite right that people upset
by anything which happens have no
deep convictions. I quite agree with
you as to Wilson and Bryan. It is
better for Bryan to be outside, but he
might have chosen a better excuse
for withdrawing. He will meet the 'man
on the street." and with him neutralize
the influence of the Morgan 'Navy Leagues'

Loyally yours

David Starr Jordan

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