Letter from F.C. Hancott to May Wright Sewall.


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HANCOTT, F. C. DEC 15 1901

'The [Pines?]' Riverdale on Hudson, N.Y. Dec. 25 01

My dear Mrs. Sewall

Naturally the day [ways]? to mind those whom we care to cherish, and distantly you stand out among the very foremost. I can never thank you enough for your kindness [?] madame during our 24 hour stay at Indianapolis, and the lovely words you said in your introduction.

We are home, presumably resting, but the holiday work seems to me the most distracting of all.

One lecture tour was [intempled?] for a fortnight and I wish it had never commenced with our present management. I do believe that madam properly handled could be made a great success - but it needs [generalship?].

I sincerely hope you are in good health and are having as 'merry' a time as is possible. The day brings its memories and yours are so dear [before?]. God bless and give you joy! Is my fer vent prayer - Sincerely F. C. Hancott

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