Letter from (Princess Marthe Engalitcheff?) to May Wright Sewall


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[in a second hand: AUG 3, 1893]


CINCINNATI, 18/3 1893]

Your letter was forwarded to me yesterday from New-York my dear Mrs. Sewall and I regret so much that I did not see you passing from St. Louis to Cincinnati. it would have been such a pleasure to see you again.

I go from here directly to New York and intend to leave Thursday the 26th on which date I give my last lecture here. I wish your kind note had reached me in time - but I never

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received that which you sent to St. Louis.

I heard yesterday a [lecture?] of Mrs. [Angelo?] concerning the World's Fair, and was very much interested in all she said - she mentioned [?] your name - and I [went?] up [to her?] to tell her that I know you personally - Please remember me [fondly?] to Mr. Sewall and your niece and let me hope that sooner or later I will meet you again. I never will forget the pleasant days under your hospitable roof. Very sincerely yours

M. Engalitcheff

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