Letter from William Dudley Foulke to May Wright Sewall.



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May 3rd 1901

My dear Mrs. Sewall

I am sure you know even without my telling you, how much I am interested in the Council and of the excellent showing indicated by your memorandum.

I am at present however engaged in a pretty hard job myself, which requires not only a good deal of time but also quite a large expenditure of money [...] the task of keeping the reform of the Civil Service not only from slipping back, but even from remaining stationery. I am in hopes of seeing a forward movement in the near future as the result of some very hard work we are doing now I have spent all of last month in Washington and this week and I feel that in view of what seems to [...] immediate in [...] of [this] [write] it, I ought to devote selling my energies & all the money I can afford to share, to that alone and it is with great regret that I have to say I do not feel able to help you -

On my return home I find Mrs. Foulke has fallen back again in health. She has received your letters but is not well enough to answer them personally at present and not to undertake the

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work mentioned in them, but she has asked Mrs. Augusta Mering who is now President of the Social Council to give the matter her attention. She asks me to send her love - She was [...] better until quite recently when had another set back.

I remain your friend Wm Dudley Foulke

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