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Dec 8 1900

Dec 8 1900

Dear Mrs. Sewall,

I often wonder where you are that you are getting
on since we parted.

I wish very much you were not so far away, so that
I could look in upon you and discuss many things,
Among others, there is the International Union which
is about to [?] upon the [?] period of its teething
you were present at its [birth?] but not at its [christening?]
I go to Paris on Monday & will report progress afterwards.

Then [?] the love affair for which you and I are
suppose proudly [?] in that was owing to
you & me that the lovers met.

Mr [Hudson?] Alfred has, as perhaps you have
long ago been told fallen ? head? ? in love
with Miss Hussey who seems to be not [?] in love

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